About Us

The Energy Law Association (ELA), focuses on all issues of legal interest related to the energy sector -  including oil and gas, electricity, mining, minerals, water - and all issues of legal interest related to them.


The utlisiation and management of natural resources is a large part of our industry: however, we do not have an environmental focus.



The Energy Law Association (ELA) is governed by an Executive Committee, made up of elected members of the Association.


Objectives of the ELA include the following:


  • To advance the knowledge and understanding of the law relating to or affecting energy and natural resources in all its aspects.

  • To identify and co-ordinate developments in energy and natural resources law and related policy relevant to New Zealand.

  • To provide a public educational forum for the discussion and consideration of the law relating to energy and natural resources, and the co-ordination and dissemination of information in respect of such matters.

  • To develop inter-disciplinary educational programmes including seminars, workshops, conferences and the like and to promote the establishment of educational facilities in New Zealand related to energy and natural resources law.

  • To study and review existing laws and energy and natural resources policies in New Zealand including those relating to planning and environmental aspects and the making of recommendations and proposals to the New Zealand Government and other interested bodies on such matters.